Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visiting Artist Friday!

Dear parents of fourth and fifth graders,
This is a quick reminder that tomorrow we will host a visiting artist on our campus.
Hsi-Mei Yates,a local artist and Chinese ink painter, will be leading a fun but messy project.
Please send your child in with either an older dark shirt on or a t-shirt to pull over their clothes for this activity.
We could also use any volunteers willing to move wet (inky) paintings and assist students.
Thank you for helping make this program a success!

Mirinda Reynolds

Lower School Art

Fredericksburg Academy

Monday, November 2, 2009

Campout Day

Campout Day

For a culminating activity that has its ties to geography, literature, and science, we have decided to take our class outdoors! Below is a series of events that will take place on this day.

Set-up a good campsite, tent, gear, etc.
Nature hike
Picnic Lunch
Nature hike #2
Field games
Clean-up “leave no trace”

What should I bring???
Dress in layers
Hiking or tennis shoes
Empty backpack for…
Water bottles
Lunches/ we’ll get your hot lunch if ordered
Optional: camera, compass, binoculars

Time for the Outdoor Class!!!