Thursday, December 10, 2009

Colonial Dress info

We are pushing toward the holiday break. Next week, the students will have denim days, but the Thursday 1/2 day will be dressy attire! The students will come at the regular hour and they will perform at the 10:15 show, which we hope you'll attend. Dismissal will be immediately after the program.

For students concerned about colonial dress for Colonial Day, here is a great website.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Colonial Day from Lisa Diskin

All ~

Cathy Chamberlain and I met with Kim Bushman to discuss the Fourth grade Christmas Party which will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 15th from 1:30 – 2:40pm. The event will take place in the Middle School commons which is right above my office and they will go to recess immediately following the party.

We will need approximately 10 parents to help set up, clean up, and man the party. That’s 10 parents total and not 10 for each part of set up, clean up, and the party…

The party will be as follows:

Free play (approx 20 minutes)

Game play

Eat treats

Set up will take place at approximately 1pm and tear down will be from 2:40 till dismissal.

We took the food list and tried to divide it equally. When tasking each item, please make sure you collect enough for 56-60 children. If more than one person wants to bring an item, just make sure the total for that item equals 56-60 children. The only exception would be the cider and fruit/veggie trays. I’ve indicated an amount if different than 56-60.


Fruit tray 1 large or 2 medium

Pretzel reindeers (basically, pretzels dipped in chocolate)

Water (small bottles)

Cookies (any variety) 5 dozen *NO NUTS PLEASE

Paper plates and napkins


Veggie Tray 1 large or 2 medium

Popcorn balls

40 cinnamon sticks

Egg Nog 1 gallon

Red and Green table clothes


Apple Cider 2 gallons

Scones (any flavor) *NO NUTS PLEASE

Large Gingerbread men (from Costco or BJ’s) 60 total

Red, White, Green tube frosting (4 of each color)

Cups (hot/cold cups)

You can drop off non-perishable items to me from now till the 15th. Perishable items can be dropped off the morning of the 15th.

Please provide me a list of volunteers from your classroom.

Thanks for all you do to make our Fourth grade the best grade in the Lower School…


Lisa and Cathy

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visiting Artist Friday!

Dear parents of fourth and fifth graders,
This is a quick reminder that tomorrow we will host a visiting artist on our campus.
Hsi-Mei Yates,a local artist and Chinese ink painter, will be leading a fun but messy project.
Please send your child in with either an older dark shirt on or a t-shirt to pull over their clothes for this activity.
We could also use any volunteers willing to move wet (inky) paintings and assist students.
Thank you for helping make this program a success!

Mirinda Reynolds

Lower School Art

Fredericksburg Academy

Monday, November 2, 2009

Campout Day

Campout Day

For a culminating activity that has its ties to geography, literature, and science, we have decided to take our class outdoors! Below is a series of events that will take place on this day.

Set-up a good campsite, tent, gear, etc.
Nature hike
Picnic Lunch
Nature hike #2
Field games
Clean-up “leave no trace”

What should I bring???
Dress in layers
Hiking or tennis shoes
Empty backpack for…
Water bottles
Lunches/ we’ll get your hot lunch if ordered
Optional: camera, compass, binoculars

Time for the Outdoor Class!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project minigoals

For the book project this month, the students will need to have either the project sheet or assignment book signed off that the goal was completed to 100%. They do not have to truck the pieces of the wind-sock in, which usually ends in complete destruction. The next big rally point is on Friday. See sheet.

We are completing the second novel of the year! Go Gary Paulson

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Weather Station

In our science class we will be creating a complete weather station. We will collect and post our findings on this site every day. The data will be charted, graphed, and pondered, as well as compared twice each day. Here is what we have...

air pressure
wind strength and direction
barometric pressure
cloud identification

We will be masters of the weather-world.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's up here.

Today we visited a great site about the author we are about to study. His name is Gary Paulson. We banned two words thus far "eat" and "big". In music we studied George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue(color). We are going to do another science experiment today involving paper towels and weights. Mini-goals are coming soon.

More to come.